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York Calling Review By Jane Howkins

"Hymn 26 is a folk song with both traditional and modern folk moments within in, recently released by American singer-songwriter Sunny Pache. It sounds beautiful from the off, with a slow rhythm fed in part by the guitar melodies, which are also lovely. The violin that appears later on in the track was a welcome surprise, and Sunny’s vocals have a wonderfully soft quality to them. The backing vocals are subtle, helping to make the lead vocals stand out in style. Hymn 26 is one of my favourite songs of the year so far, so make sure you give it a listen below!"

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Review by Obscure Sound

A nostalgic and breezy rock success, “Self Portrait” is described by Sunny Pache as “something I wrote to capture the innocence and angst of my youth.” The artist, originally from New England and now based in Portland (OR), captures the feelings of growing pains with eloquence amidst an approachable sound.
Twinkling keys and steady, warming guitar pulses complement serenely dazed vocal tones, with various layers coalescing beautifully in the final minute as the keys assume a more sparkling demeanor. Steady and nostalgically absorbing in its depictions of youth’s purity, “Self Portrait” is a resonating track from Sunny Pache.

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